8 Ingenious Closet Organization Strategies That Actually Promote Organization

Generally speaking, I truly do adore our home. It’s on a decent street in a lovely area, and it’s neither bigger nor smaller than we need. But if there’s anything I’d like to change, it’s the size of the closets—more particularly, the size of my closet!

It seems like I’m constantly struggling to prevent my closet from disintegrating into utter disarray. But I am aware that there isn’t much I can do about the size of my closet short of major remodeling, so I try to use the space I have!

I’ve made some adjustments to the way I store my clothing, shoes, and accessories in my closet over the past several months, and it’s now better organized than ever. I have decided to share my favorite closet organization tips with you today in the spirit of being organized.

I’m hoping these pointers and tactics may assist you in clearing out the mess in your own home’s closets! I’ve also added a few useful closet organization items I found on Amazon. Any one of these will undoubtedly assist you in your effort to organize your closet:-)

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8 Ingenious Closet Organization Techniques

1. Space-Saving Sweater Storage

I described in a post from a few weeks ago how I like to hang my sweaters. It is an easy technique that reduces stretching and the dreaded “shoulder bumps.” (You can click on this link to see the entire description of my sweater-folding technique.)

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closet organization hacks

But many individuals noted that because each sweater is thicker in your closet than it would be if you were to hang it up normally, doing so does tend to take up more space. And if you don’t have enough closet space, to begin with, that’s a problem!

So I gave it some consideration, and I came up with a quick fix that I put into action in my own closet—adding a two-closet rod! Simply attach it to the closet rod to add a second rod that is closer to the ground. You’ll have plenty of room for those folded sweaters if you place one of these in your closet!

Hooking hangers together with a tab from a Coke can is another straightforward storage option you might try. With very little effort, you should be able to save more space because it hangs lower than your other hangers.

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2. A Scarf Problem Solution

Determining the ideal method for storing scarves in a closet can be challenging. Attaching a few shower curtain rings or curtain clips to the underside of a hanger is one of the better methods I’ve discovered.

Simply thread a scarf through each ring, then hang it up with the rest of your clothing. Your scarves will all be easily visible and unwrinkled.

There are several scarf hangers accessible online if you’d prefer to buy them from a store. This one is incredibly cheap and comes in a 3-pack! Additionally, the hangers feature tiny hooks that might be used to hang jewelry and other small objects.

3. Shoe and Small Item Storage

closet organization hacks

Try using an over-the-door pocket organizer if you are having difficulties with shoes, socks, clutches, and other small items. They are a cheap solution to increase the amount of storage in your closet. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about putting extra items to your closet rod because they dangle over the back of your closet door. (Me having more room for clothes is always a plus!) 😉

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4. Homemade Pant Hangers

Pants and skirts can be hung on hangers with clips, however, they can be a bit more expensive. Fortunately, there are many quick ways to add clips to your current hangers.

One method is to just use a few clothespins; this works best with thin wire hangers but may also be done with thick plastic hangers. Simply fold your skirts or pants in half to create a piece of fabric that is thick enough for the clothespin to cling to.

These bag clips are a superior option for attaching clips to thicker hangers. They securely hold unfolded clothing and fit snugly around the bottom of plastic hangers.
Look into these unique hanger clips if you frequently use those fuzzy non-slip hangers. You can just clip them on and hang your skirts and pants because they are made to fit over the bottoms of those hangers.

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5 Change up Your Wardrobe

By switching my outfit yearly, I can save some room in my tiny closet. I load up all of my bulky coats, heavy boots, and the rest of my winter clothing into a few plastic tote bins as the weather begins to warm up in the spring.

After that, I swap those out for sundresses, sandals, and other warm-weather attire. In addition to saving space, rotating my wardrobe every spring and fall allows me to get rid of anything I haven’t been wearing.

6. Place More Footwear on The Shelf.

closet organization hacks

Place the left shoe with the toe facing into your closet and the right shoe with the toe facing out if your shoe collection is taking up a lot of shelf space. You can probably put another pair of shoes onto your shelf this way because the shoes will fit together more tightly.

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7. Make Use of Hooks for Purses

Do you need a place to hang your belts, handbags, or other accessories? Utilize an S-hook! These hooks are typically inexpensive, simple to locate, and incredibly simple to “install.” (Jeans can be hung from them as well. To complete, simply place one or two belt loops on the hook.)

Your purses can also be stored compactly on an over-the-door hook. Three curved hooks on this one make it the ideal hanger for hanging handbags, backpacks, and other items.

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8. Utilize a Smart Closet Organizer

While conducting research for this article, I discovered a tonne of very awesome closet organizers online. Even though I couldn’t really justify purchasing them all for the sole purpose of conducting closet research, I still wanted to share them!

You might find the ideal answer to your specific closet problem among these ingenious goods if you haven’t already. 🙂

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