Ten Oddly Effective Ways to Clean the Toilet!

Weekly cleaning of your toilet bowl is a required if unpleasant, task. But you might be surprised to learn that you can clean the toilet bowl with several everyday things. Some of the items on the list include Coca-Cola, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide.

These ten bizarre, outlandish, yet efficient methods for cleaning toilet bowls actually work. Try them out to learn how you can maintain your toilet clean without using harsh, pricey chemicals.

Coca-Cola Detox

cleaning toilet hacks

Many people firmly believe that Coke removes toilet rust rings, despite the fact that this may sound like an urban legend. This is how: Let the bowl remain for at least an hour to allow the soda to dissolve the stains, then completely coat the rim with a can of soda. Use a toilet brush to clean, then flush.

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Use a Pumice Stone to Scrub

cleaning toilet hacks
Another unexpected but efficient method to remove that stubborn ring inside the bowl is to use a pumice stone. The pumice should constantly be wet to prevent scratches, therefore always start by soaking it in warm water. Once the stain is removed, gently clean it, and then flush the toilet to rinse.

White Vinegar Bathroom Bowl

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Most people use bleach to remove toilet stains and bacteria. Mark Lallanilla, a green living expert, asserts that regular white vinegar works well as a cleanser. Toilet paper should be soaked in vinegar and placed immediately on hard water stains to remove them. Overnight, leave the paper covered in vinegar. The stains should be gone the following morning after flushing to rinse.

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Full-strength vinegar, according to Lallanilla, does admirably on grout and caulk as well. Spray the area with a solution and let it sit there for at least an hour before rinsing.

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Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Disinfect

Hydrogen peroxide is a safe and reliable germ killer, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

1 Pour 12 cup of hydrogen peroxide into the bowl of your toilet, leave it alone for 30 minutes, and then flush to rinse.

Easy Toilet Bomb Recipe

Making your own elegant “fizzes” or “bombs” to clean and deodorize your toilet is simple and inexpensive. Even better, you can create your own all-natural fizzy toilet bombs by combining your preferred fragrance oil with simple household items like baking soda and citric acid.

Baby Oil Chrome Polish

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When you observe the gleaming results of applying baby oil to chrome fixtures, you will be astounded. With a few drops on a clean, soft cloth, you may polish your toilet handle as well as your faucets and showerhead. Apply a few more drops to the toilet tank and bowl after that, then buff the porcelain until it shines.

Rust-Resistant Nail Polish

By painting the bolts and screws in your toilet seat hardware with clear nail polish, you can prevent rust. Additionally, by doing this, the seat won’t move because the screws are less likely to come away.

Boiling Water Clears Clogged Pipes

Fill a medium pot with water and bring it to a boil in order to unclog a toilet with the fewest number of components possible. To clear the blockage, carefully pour boiling water into the toilet bowl.

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Condensation Is Lessened by Bubble Wrap

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A covering of bubble wrap can stop the toilet tank from perspiring. Remove the tank lid after first turning off the toilet’s water valve. Wait for the water to drain from the tank before flushing. In order to prevent the outside of the tank from becoming too chilly, line the interior of it with bubble wrap after the water has been drained.

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Water Is Saved by Using a Plastic Soda Bottle

There is a simple solution to save money and reduce water waste if your toilet is an older model without water-saving features. One or two inches of sand should be added to an empty one-liter plastic bottle before adding water on top. Place the bottle inside your toilet tank, safely away from the working parts, and screw on the cover. By shifting the liquid content so that the tank doesn’t fill up too much with each flush, the bottle will assist reduce water consumption. 2


How Frequently Should a Toilet Be Cleaned?

A Toilet Should Be Cleaned Once a Week, or Possibly Less Frequently if It Is Not Frequently Used. Consider Cleaning Your Home More Frequently—possibly Even Twice or Three Times Each Week—if You Have Kids or Other People Living There.

Should You Flush a Toilet with The Lid Down First?

Absolutely! when A Toilet Lid Is Left Open After Flushing, Infected Droplets Can Spread Around the Restroom and Settle on Various Surfaces, Including Worktops, Toothbrushes, and Hairbrushes. These Plume Aerosols Might Persist for Several Hours or Even Days. 3

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How Frequently Should a Toilet Bowl Brush Be Cleaned?

After each usage, the toilet bowl brush needs to be rinsed, cleaned and disinfected. If you don’t let the brush dry before putting it in the holder, you’ll need to wash and clean the holder as well.

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