DivorceCarly Pearce's Quarantine Divorce: Fans Wondering What Went Wrong!

Carly Pearce’s Quarantine Divorce: Fans Wondering What Went Wrong!

Fans were startled when country music sensation Carly Pearce announced she was divorcing her husband of eight months, fellow country star Michael Ray. After years of professional acquaintanceship, the couple started dating in 2018. They got married in October 2019. But by September 2020, they were no longer together.

Many of Michael and Carly’s and of their followers are curious as to why their marriage ended so suddenly. Carly has made references to other aspects that made her marriage undesirable, but speculation started after the release of her song “Next Girl.” So why did Carly Pearce divorce her husband? What you should know is as follows.

carly pearce divorce

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Why Did Carly Pearce Divorce Her Husband? It “was Not a Frivolous Decision,” She Claimed.

Carly was dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic, quarantine, and problems in her love life. She and Michael “very quickly recognized we were not meant to be,” she told People in November 2020. But the singer of “Every Little Thing” won’t call her union a mistake. “I firmly think that nothing happens to us that we aren’t supposed to. My love truly existed. I’ll always stand by that.”

When Carly’s song “Next Girl,” which portrayed falling in love with a serial charmer, was released, rumors about the divorce started to circulate. You overlook a lot when he looks like that, among other things, and he’ll enchant your mama with that smile, among other lyrics. Hide the red flags for a little while.

Many people believed that the lyrics made fun of Michael, but Carly explained this to People: “I broke up with this person. I don’t want to hear about it in a song every night.”

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Many fans believed that the couple’s separation was also related to quarantine, however, she did clarify that the choice to file for divorce wasn’t taken on a whim while in quarantine. Carly told People, “This was not a decision that was made lightly.”

“I really took my time with this to ensure that I was doing appropriately. It was very evident that this was not the kind of marriage I desired.” She also disclosed that there had been tension between the pair before the outbreak.

Carly’s final allusion to the reasons behind her divorce revolved around trust. “To complete a task, two people are required. You have faith in someone you love.”

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carly pearce divorce

At the 2021 Country Music Awards, Carly Will Perform a Song from Her Most Recent Album.

The follow-up to her EP “29” from earlier that year, Carly released her album “29: Written in Stone” in September 2021.

Her second song from the album, “Never Wanted to Be That Girl,” will be sung at the Country Music Awards with duet partner Ashley McBryde. The lyrics of the song tell the story of two ladies who unknowingly assist the same cheating man.

At the 55th Country Music Awards, Ashley and Carly are both vying for Female Vocalist of the Year. The program airs on ABC on Wednesday, Nov. 10 at 8 p.m. EST.


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