Breaking Bad: How Many Seasons are There in?

There are five seasons of the show Breaking Bad. Throughout the show’s five seasons, there were a total of 62 episodes. The last episode of the series was shown on September 29, 2013, whereas the pilot episode was presented for the first time in January 2008.

The original Breaking Bad Minisodes were comprised of multiple clips ranging from one to five minutes in length, and a total of 17 mini-episodes were broadcast over three years during the run of the Breaking Bad television series.

What is Breaking Bad About?

Between the years 2008 and 2010, the events of Breaking Bad take place in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It recounts the story of Walter White, a humble high school chemistry teacher who becomes a merciless kingpin in the local methamphetamine drug trade after being diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer and being pushed to financially care for his family.

In the beginning, Walter and his former student Jesse Pinkman only produced little amounts of meth in a rolling meth lab.

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However, as time went on, they extended their operations and began producing larger batches of rare blue meth, which was very pure and generated a huge demand. To conceal his true identity, Walter decides to go by the name “Heisenberg.”

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As a result of Walter’s involvement in activities related to drugs, he finds himself in conflict with his family, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and the Mexican drug gangs, as well as their regional distributors. Because of this, he and his family are in danger of dying.

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What Happened in the Fifth Season of Breaking Bad?

In the fifth and final season, the focus is on the new business relationship between Walt, Jesse, and Lydia, a Madrigal executive.

With the help of their new worker Todd, they tried to rob a freight train to get a lot of methylamine. When the crime goes wrong, Todd kills the only person who saw what happened, a young child.

The Drug Enforcement Administration tried to get the names of people who know about Walt’s business. This is what makes Walt kill Mike. But Lydia already knows who was involved, so she asks Todd’s uncle Jack, who is a gang leader with ties to the Aryan Brotherhood, for help.

Jack gets rid of people quickly who are connected to Madrigal and Walt. Hank finds out that Walt is Heisenberg from Gales’s journal, which has the initials “WW” on it. This is the end of the first half of the season.

When Hank finds out the truth, Walt’s cancer comes back. He tells the DEA agent to be careful, but Hank begins a new investigation instead. Walt replies by trying to make Hank look suspicious as Heisenberg.

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When Jesse finds out that Walt was the one who poisoned Brock, he joins Hanks’ side. Walt makes one last move, though.

He gets Jack to kill Jesse. Hank seems to have the upper hand in a fight in the desert, but Jack and his gang step in and kill Hank and his partner Gomez to save the day.

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Walt tells Jesse that he saw Jane die and that the gang has him as a prisoner and meth cook.

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Walt goes into hiding, but he eventually returns to ensure that his family receives every penny of his fortune. He then puts an end to the question of what will happen to Lydia by poisoning her.

After that, he protects Jesse from the Aryan group, and Jesse murders Todd with a machine pistol that is controlled remotely. Walt kills Jack. Walt takes a hit from a stray gunshot. Jesse flees the scene without shooting Walt, and he later breaks down sobbing inside a Camino.

The final scene of the series consists of a severely injured Walt fainting and appearing to pass away while distant sirens can be heard.

How Many Seasons of Breaking Bad are There?

There are five seasons of the show Breaking Bad. The first season debuted in 2008, and the fifth season began airing on July 15, 2012, and it ran until September 29, 2013, when it was canceled.

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The television show consisted of a total of 62 episodes. The following contains more information regarding all five seasons of the show as well as the episodes that make up each season.


To watch all episodes of Breaking Bad in their entirety without taking any pauses would take slightly more than 60 hours, which is equivalent to around two days and 13 hours.

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