9 Clever Bra Hacks You Need Now

A few years ago, I shared 9 of my favorite bra hacks in this piece, which was a compilation of important advice on how to wear and take care of the undergarment we all love to hate. (Or do we love to loathe them?) In either case, the link is intricate and multifaceted.)

I’m going to be sharing some brand-new bra tips with you today. These practical ideas are sure to come in handy as you manage the day-to-day reality of wearing a bra, from bra strap solutions to practical travel advice.

Every Woman Should Be Aware of 9 More Bra Tricks.

1. Secure the Straps

If you don’t want the straps to show under certain tops and dresses, you might assume you need a different kind of bra. However, your current bra might already be versatile!

bra hacks

The rear of one strap on many bras has a hook, and the back of the other has a loop. To change your straps into a racerback configuration, just attach the hook to the loop. After that, simply loosen the straps until they are the right size.

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2. Choose the Correct Fit

It’s crucial to wear a bra that fits properly because it’s an essential piece of your clothing. I recently had a fitting with Courtney, a local expert in bra fitting, and the bras she suggested are much more supportive and pleasant than the ones I was previously wearing.

3. Tighten the Straps

bra hacks

Are you sick and tired of your bra straps falling off? Perhaps you wish your shirt would stay in place so that your bra straps would be covered. A few pieces of fashion tape might be beneficial in both scenarios.

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Double-sided tape, sometimes known as “fashion tape,” is quite helpful for holding bra straps and/or shirts in place. Put it over the strap or beneath the strap to keep both your strap and your shirt in place.

4. Avoid Cups Being Crushed

Bundle up some socks or a pair of underwear and put them into the cups of your bras when you’re packing for a trip. This will prevent the bra from being crushed within your suitcase and help it maintain its shape.

5. Obstruct Slipper Straps

If adjustable bra straps don’t stay in the positions you set them to, what good are they? Fortunately, there is a quick repair that doesn’t involve buying a brand-new bra.

These practical strap clips are made to hold the strap in the desired position. Dispute settled!

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6. Safely Wash It

The safest method to clean your bras is by hand washing, as I outlined in this blog post (especially the really nice ones you were willing to invest your hard-earned cash in.)

However, if using the washing machine is what you’d prefer, think about spending money on a structural mesh washing bag with an inside frame. Your bra will be more protected from becoming tangled, crushed, or misshaped in the wash if you zip it into a bag like this.

7. DIY Bra Built-In

You occasionally buy a dress that simply doesn’t go well with any of your bras. Finding the proper bra for a strapless or backless garment can be extremely challenging!

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In certain situations, it may be preferable to incorporate a bra into the dress—much it’s simpler than it sounds! Find a cheap strapless bra in your size, cut off the back, and then quickly stitch the cups to the inside of the garment.

It’s a simple remedy that takes no time at all, and it won’t move on you either!

8. Hang Them Up

bra hacks

Want to make room in a tiny closet? By folding them over the bottom of the hanger, you may hang several bras from one hanger. This is an excellent technique to hang your recently cleaned bras up to dry while also saving space.

9. Instant Protection

Even though I am aware that fashion trends go in cycles, I never expected the dickey to come back! However, it has come back, and one kind, in particular, helps address a problem with outfits that many women are all too familiar with.

Some shirts may expose a bit more cleavage than you’d prefer, especially for individuals who are more “well-endowed.” You can hide your cleavage instantly with this false camisole by just securing it to the bra straps. It also has a cute layered effect.

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