10 Brownie Hacks You Can Try With Boxed Brownies

Freshly baked foods are the best, but there are times when we simply don’t have the time, energy, or ingredients on hand to prepare something like a fresh pan of chocolatey brownies.

Fortunately, brownies in boxes are a thing in the world we live in. And what’s even better is that there is a tonne of options for boxed brownies to accommodate most dietary needs – LVO’s Organic Brownie Mix is a prime example!

We prefer easy-to-make baked goods and easy-to-make herbal infusions, but we also like to elevate both of these things, so we’ve got a few tricks under our sleeves to make boxed brownies taste even better.

The Following Ten Brownie Hacks Can Be Used with Boxed Mix:

1. Swirl some peanut butter into the brownies: Simply because of how simple it is, this is one of our favorite brownie hacks. A few tablespoons of peanut butter added to the pan before it goes into the oven is a simple way to give it some extra flavor and flair. Most of us keep a jar of peanut butter in our cabinets.

box brownie hacks

All you have to do to pull off this trick is, after pouring the brownie batter into the pan, drop a few dollops of peanut butter on top. The batter can then be marbled by dragging the peanut butter over it with a knife. The final outcome? Absolutely delicious and stunning as well.

Add infused MCT oil for an additional layer of infusion to your peanut butter!

2. Make your brownies with jam: What could possibly top peanut butter brownies? Brownies with peanut butter and jam. Of course, not everyone will enjoy this flavor combo. It’s advisable to stay away from this entirely if you don’t like fruit and chocolate combined.

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If not, the procedure is straightforward. Simply top your brownies with a few dollops of jam and some peanut butter, then use your knife to create a marbled pattern. The delicious pockets of colorful jam and peanut butter.

3. Increase the egg yolk in your mixture: An egg is already required for most brownie recipes, including our Organic Brownie Mix. However, if you prefer your brownies to be extremely gooey and fudgy, add an additional egg yolk to the mixture.

4. Top your brownies with icing: No matter what flavor you choose—chocolate-on-chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or mint—adding frosting to a boxed brownie is a sure thing in our book. You have the option of using pre-made icing or creating your own. Our go-to recipe for buttercream frosting is this one with flavoring.

5. Enjoy it with some rainbow potato chips: You are requested to bake cosmic brownies at home by nostalgia. Sprinkle on some rainbow chips for a flavor of your youth while icing your brownies.

box brownie hacks

6. Add chocolate chunks or chips: Out of all the brownie tips on our list, this is another inexpensive way to upgrade a boxed mix. Simply assemble your boxed mix, as usual, then, before baking in the oven, stir in your chocolate chunks or chips.

7. Include a tiny bit of vanilla: Most likely, you already have vanilla extract in your pantry if you enjoy baking. This sweet scent can give packaged brownies a layer of depth. And this is a trick that works with a wide range of recipes. When we make infused chocolate-covered Oreos, we also adore adding vanilla!

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8. In relation to Oreos, make some naughty brownies: This brownie has three benefits. A base of cookie dough (see our go-to cookie recipe or use our pre-made mix) and a top layer of brownie with Oreos cooked in the center come first. It’s decadent, to put it mildly, but worth every single calorie.

9. Make your brownies from a package and add instant espresso powder: Espresso offers an additional layer of complexity and really brings out the rich, chocolatey flavor of brownies, much like vanilla does. We appreciate Unpeeled for the trick!

box brownie hacks

10. To boost the effectiveness of magical brownies, use the double pod technique: If you haven’t heard, utilizing a second herb pod for generating oil and butter infusions in your LVO II will increase your herb capacity. Up to 14 grams of coarsely ground herbs can fit in two pods. One can be bought separately or as part of one of our packages, such as the Mega Accessory Bundle or the Ultimate LVO II Bundle.

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