Bose SoundSport Free: Review

In-ear Bluetooth headphones that are really cordless are no longer a pipe dream. The Bose SoundSport Free headphones contain three unique nozzles, a casing that can charge itself, and a battery life of 5 hours.

You don’t need to worry about sweating or the earbuds staying in place because the Bose SoundSport Free in-ear headphones are designed for workout sessions. Are they musical, though?

Despite the fact that Bluetooth in-ear headphones have been around for a while, they have always been corded and equipped with a little compartment that houses a Bluetooth receiver, an amplifier, a microphone, and a battery.

It was required to add an amplifier and battery to each earbud in order to do away with the cord, as well as transmit sound between the two earbuds. The latter is almost impossible because, for instance, Bluetooth transmission from a smartphone can only deliver data to one receiver.

Bose has added a second wireless audio transmission method to their headphones as a result. The right earbud uses Bluetooth to receive digital data and radio frequencies to transmit sound to the other earpiece.

Double Mono Amplification with The Bose Sound Sport Free

Each earbud in the Bose SoundSport Free in-ear headphones needs its own amplifier because they aren’t connected by a cord. We now possess a set of stereo earbuds with a double mono amplification mechanism as a result. Everything is altered by this.

Technical Information About the Bose Sound Sport Free

Bose doesn’t give their earphones a lot of technical information. Both the wireless range (9 meters) and battery life (5 hours) are given. However, no information is given on the frequency response, maximum output power, or Bluetooth transmission type.

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bose soundsport free

We can attest to the wide frequency response and the constant comfort of these in-ear headphones. We were able to determine that two Bluetooth transmissions are compatible because our phone runs Android 8.1: SBC (universal) and AAC (iPhone and devices with Android 8. x).

Charger: Bose Sound Sport Free

The protective case for the Bose SoundSport Free earphones also functions as a charger. Two charge cycles are guaranteed by the inbuilt battery in this situation.

The shell also features LEDs to show the battery level and the earphones’ LEDs flicker while charging. The case and the headphones can be recharged in two hours using the provided micro-USB cable.

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Test Circumstances for The Bose Sound Sport Free

We advise downloading the Bose Companion app, which is available for iOS and Android, to get the most out of the Bose SoundSport Free in-ear headphones.

This enables you to install new firmware on the earphones, alter the voice command’s language, or even access the user manual. Even playback controls for the currently running music app are provided by the app.

Comfort with Bose Sound Sport Free

The design of the Bose StayHear+ system is excellent. The upper portion of the fin fits comfortably and naturally while the StayHear+’s tip rests evenly inside the ear. The earphones not only fit snugly but also stay in place while engaging in vigorous activity.

The in-ear Bose SoundSport Free headphones are designed not to completely shield the wearer from outside noise. Since these headphones are designed for physical exercise, you should be able to hear what is going on around you so that you can stay safe.

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Bose Sound Sport Free: Impressions of The Audio

With an Android smartphone and the best Bluetooth transmission quality available for these headphones, we evaluated the Bose SoundSport Free in-ear headphones. We listened to FLAC files and a couple of playlists from Google Play Music in MP3 format.

Considering that the sound is compressed for Bluetooth transmission, the restoration is superb. Despite everything, the sound characteristic has excellent timing across the full sound spectrum and is delicate and detailed. The result is that the sound stages are sufficiently layered. The lows have a workable extent and a satisfactory range.

While the highs are light and lofty without any unwelcome color, the mids are open, soft, and well-placed. We saw a wide, open soundstage with a carefully managed acoustic phase that places mono sounds squarely in the middle.

bose soundsport free

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Bose Sound Sport Free: Phone Calls and Av Synchronisation

Keep in mind that when watching videos on a smartphone, the synchronization of sound and vision is impacted by the wireless double transmission (Bluetooth + RF).

Some applications, like YouTube, are unable to make up for this. Others, like VLC, allow you to modify the playback parameters to change the sound/image synchronization.

During phone calls, only the right earbud works, and the built-in microphone is always superb. Caller ID information is announced in a clear fake voice.

The finale for Bose Sound Sport Free

The Bose SoundSport Free in-ear headphones are a hit. There is no doubt that these earbuds are melodious. They provide complete freedom of movement, which enhances the listening experience. The battery charge lasts for five hours, which is the finest feature.

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We favored

The incredible sound reproduction

The effective and comfortable StayHear+ system

The charging case has a built-in battery.

We had preferred

not another

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