Borgen – Power And Glory: Is it renewed?

Just like Borgen a decade ago, Borgen: Power And Glory seems to follow pace in how it deals with current concerns. Borgen Power is the impending fourth season of the popular Danish political drama Borgen, which premiered in 2010 and has been a critical and commercial success ever since.


The Danish realm’s significance in today’s globe, superpowers’ war for Arctic dominance – and not least, climate disaster” are all subjects that will be addressed in this series, according to its description. This book is mostly on power struggles and the effects that power has on individuals, both professionally and personally.

Plot Or Storyline

Birgitte is the new Minister of Foreign Affairs in the current season. “Foreign Minister Birgitte Nyborg puts her career at risk as a disagreement over an international crisis,” the Netflix summary states. When a drilling firm unexpectedly finds oil in Greenland, a global war for control of the Arctic ensues. International powers (the United States and China) are keeping tabs on Greenland-Denmark ties.

Cast explanation

In addition to returning as Birgitte Nyborg, Sidse Babett Knudsen reprises her role as the title character, alongside Sren Malling as Torben Friis and Birgitte Hjort Sorensen as Katrine Fønsmark, Mikkel Boe Flsgaard as Rasmus Gren Lundbaek. 

Short previous recap

Katrine Fnsmark portrayed as Birgitte’s press secretary and is now the director of a national television station’s news section. The political crises, climate change, and how power may lead individuals to give up their moral compass are the main themes of the film. Will Birgitte Nyborg, in the epicenter of it all, submit to higher authority as a revered leader?

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Borgen Power And the Glory Release date

On June 2nd, it will be available on Netflix worldwide, even though it has already been broadcast in the Nordic area. When a drilling firm finds oil in Greenland, her task becomes much more difficult.


As of the 2nd of June 2022, the Netflix original series Borgen: Power and Glory will be available. Here’s a look at the first episode. In addition to Katrine Fnsmark (Birgitte Hjort Srensen), the season will also chronicle her adventure. 


Total episodes

Season 3 was shown in 2013 and Season 4 is returning over 10 years later as a distinct series and with a fitting new name for the time period. After serving as Birgitte’s press secretary for a period, she has returned to the world of journalism as the director of the news department at a major national television station in the new season

Fans reactions

Birgitte Nyborg served as prime minister in the initial three seasons, and afterward founded her own political party. Nevertheless, in this new arc, she’s the freshly appointed foreign affairs minister. Here is a look at the fan’s reaction.


What to expect?

Adam Price, Jeppe Gjervig Gram, and Tobias Lindholm devised the series. It follows Birgitte Nyborg, a Danish politician and the first female leader of Denmark, as she rises in the first three seasons. Her career, however, was cut short by a series of failures before she was able to return to politics and create the New Democrats. Ten episodes each season average between 56 and 59 minutes in length.

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Where to watch?

You can watch this season exclusively on Netflix. Despite Denmark’s “big brother” connection with Greenland, it is Denmark that is the little player—and a rather rowdy one at that—when it comes to the world superpowers.


Are we at risk of an international conflict or will this all be gently settled? Our assumption is that it will be the latter, as is frequently the case in real-life political debates.

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