IllnessBono of U2 "Was in Pain and Near to Death" with Mystery Illness!

Bono of U2 “Was in Pain and Near to Death” with Mystery Illness!

Since U2 frontman Bono is such a dynamic force, one may assume that he cannot be stopped. He has been U2’s main singer since 1976, greatly contributing to the group’s longevity.

Sunday Bloody Sunday, With or Without You, I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, and Pride is just a few of the band’s notable hits (In The Name of Love). He talked openly about a near-death experience that left him deeply shaken. Learn what occurred and how the

U2 Seems to Be Working on A New Album

One Republic’s main singer, composer, and producer Ryan Tedder revealed to Rockol last month, “I spoke to [U2] just last week.” He said the group had gotten in touch with him to ask for his assistance with certain songs they are working on for a new album.

“When I’m in Los Angeles, we’ll collaborate on some new pieces.”

Tedder stated, “I think it’s their desire to make a record radically different from the prior two. It works like a pendulum, you know.

When you create a highly produced album with a lot of instruments, you want the following project to be sparser and wonder what it would sound like if four musicians were playing in a room. ”

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The Bike Accident that Almost Undid Bono

bono illness

In 2014, the singer got into a bike accident in Central Park in New York City. The Irish rocker was brought to an emergency room in an NYC hospital after what the hospital at the time described as a “high energy cycling accident,” and underwent “several X-rays and CAT scans,” followed by five hours of surgery.

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The singer sustained several severe wounds, including three different left shoulder blade fractures, a facial fracture affecting his eye’s orbit, and a broken left humerus bone that protruded from his upper arm.

On the band’s website, Bono admitted that recovery had been harder than he had anticipated. “As I’m writing this, it’s unclear whether or not I’ll ever pick up a guitar again. I was reminded by the band that neither Western civilization nor they depend on this.

“I personally would miss plucking the frets on my (red) Gretsch or my green Irish falcon very much. Apart from writing songs, just for fun. Has the Edge, Jimmy Page, or any other guitarist you know, however, have a titanium elbow like mine does right now? I have elbows everywhere.

The musician experienced a worse, in his opinion, potentially fatal episode after fully recovering from the accident.

Bono’s Near-‘Extinction Event’

When Bono opened out about his health concerns to Rolling Stone in 2017, it seems the singer still found it difficult to discuss his “big brush with mortality,” as he put it. He would only affirm that it appeared to be really terrifying health or medical care without going into further detail.

“Just something that.

People experience these extinction events in their life; they may be physical or psychological. Although it was physically taxing for me, I believe I have saved myself from seeing the entire soap drama.

The musician acknowledged that he had recently undergone testing for throat cancer but was clear. One of the doctors wanted to biopsy me, endangering my vocal cords, but everything worked out OK.

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“I’ve experienced a few of these, shall we say, shocks to the system. comparable to my bicycle accident or my back problem. Consequently, it was always going to be the topic.

I felt quite alone and terrified, unable to speak, and unable to even articulate my anxiety because I was kind of. I just didn’t want to be such an expert in it. . .suffocated.”

Whatever Bono went through, his supporters are happy he made it through and wish him luck in his future survival and success.


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