Bitlife Cheats: Strategies For Winning The Game!

Bitlife is a virtual-reality game that lets users lead the life of their desires. Depending on their preferred style of play, players can adopt any role within the game, from monk to rockstar.

However, playing the game through grinding can occasionally be a little tiresome. If you labor too hard, happiness may be difficult to return and money may be hard to come by. What strategy can you use to advance in the game without losing everything? With a little assistance from our Bitlife cheats, tricks, and tips, of course.

You may easily complete the game using these Bitlife cheats.

Bitlife Cheats, Advice, And Techniques

How Does One Make A Ton Of Money In Bitlife?

Bitlife has a lot to do with money. Money is required to enjoy the game in its entirety. Aside from that, gamers require it for everyday activities like going to the gym or getting a massage.

But gamers who want to live the high-flying life in Bitlife will need a lot of cash. In this game, trips, homes, and vehicles may be rather pricey. How therefore can you quickly amass a fortune in this game? Here are some Bitlife tips, techniques, and cheats.

bitlife hacks

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Unlimited Cars are Stolen by Bitlife Money Cheats

In addition to their occupations, players have access to many other financial resources. This covers asset flipping, gambling, the horse racing industry, social media, and casinos. Despite the fact that they are all excellent choices for earning money, some of them are only available to users sometimes.

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With Grand Theft Auto (Crime), for instance, you can only steal five cars until the game notifies you that there are no more cars available for theft. The fastest method to get a lot of money, though, is in Grand Theft Auto if you apply a small cheat.

Players can shut down Bitlife entirely and relaunch it after stealing and selling all five of their Grand Theft Auto vehicles. Players will have access to a brand-new collection of cars to steal when Bitlife has been reset.

Players may earn a lot of money this way without ever having to work a day’s worth of labor by robbing and selling as many cars as they desire. If they keep doing it, players can use this approach to make millions of dollars in a year.

Bitlife Money Advice And Techniques


Winning the lottery is a fantastic additional source of income. But is it possible to guarantee a lottery victory? There is, indeed. Take note of the text that changes as you progress through Bitlife.

A fortune cookie once advised me to play the lottery, this text will occasionally state. This year, you nearly certainly will win the lotto if you put money into it. By enabling your Bitlife notifications, you can increase your chances of winning the lottery. When you get a notification that says “got a lottery tip,” you should go to the game and buy 10 tickets for the lottery

. One of them is likely to be the winner. The same holds true for horse racing. Additionally, if you have a fortunate dice heirloom, use it to test your luck before purchasing a lottery ticket to improve your chances of winning.

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Marry a Royal

By marrying into a royal family, you can also amass a fortune. You will definitely advance in life after doing this. To locate a royal who is interested in dating you, though, you will need to spend a lot of time at the gym and comb through the date finder interminably.

When marrying a royal, stay away from getting divorced and do not sign a prenuptial agreement. A prenuptial agreement will ensure that your character does not benefit financially from the marriage, while a divorce would leave them in debt.

How Can You Avoid the Police in Bitlife?

You might find yourself dealing with the cops quite a bit if you decide to carry out our money scam. Fortunately, we also have cheats, advice, and strategies to avoid law enforcement in Bitlife. Your interactions with the cops will be history thanks to these hackers.

bitlife hacks

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Bitlife Police Hacking

Anytime you commit a crime, you run the risk of running afoul of the law. After the recent update, it is actually now also possible to be unjustly accused of committing a crime! How then can you escape serving time for the crime? With the help of this clever little Bitlife hack.

Close Bitlife as soon as you are involved in any criminal activity. Do not choose to flee, pay off, court, or assist the authorities in any way. Additionally, if someone else has reported you to the police, do not click the screen to continue. simply stop playing the game entirely.

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The encounter with law enforcement will not appear to have occurred when you reopen Bitlife. If gamers are caught attempting the money hack as well, this hack will enable them to dodge the cops.

How Can You Keep Your Relationships In Bitlife?

Relationships have a significant impact on a player’s happiness and health in Bitlife. There is a shortcut to keeping connections stable without putting in a lot of effort, but, if you do want to spend a lot of time sustaining relationships. This is an in-game option, not a cheat.

Tips And Tricks For Bitlife Relationships

Players might opt to spend less time with friends and family and instead give them money or gifts. Compared to really doing things with them, this will strengthen the bond more quickly. However, you should exercise caution while doing this at first because extremely expensive or inexpensive gifts will be rejected and harm the connection.

Only extremely cheap presents will harm a relationship when you know the other person well. In essence, you have the option to purchase your way into your friends’ and family’s good graces in Bitlife.

These are all the Bitlife cheats, strategies, and hints that will help you win. We hope you found this information to be useful. Check out more Bitlife articles at

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