Billions Season 6 finale – Revealing the secret.

Things got turned out quite the opposite way in Billions Season 6 finale after the fiery announcement of Mike prince, who wants to become the United States of America’s President. Everyone involved in the season 6 show felt the excitement in the information. Chuck trusted his process and realized he didn’t own any power even though he had accomplished as Attorney General. Therefore, he comes with his ambiguous billionaire with everything he owns. 

After realizing the prince’s ambitions, Rain revealed to her colleagues that she slept with him. So, Michael prince capital calmed her up immediately.

The title of the episode is “Cold Storage.” The episode begins with the scene at Attorney General’s Office where Chuck and Prince face each other.

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The attorney advises both of them to attend the meeting sincerely to avoid ending up in prison. Then the episode shows the earlier scenes, which happened 72 hours before. Chuck conveys to Kate that he got to know the information regarding a case that involved her family friend who got out of the prosecution issues. Chuck has earned a lot of hatred among his friends. But unfortunately, no one could do anything about it. 

Chuck knows that the bulletproof vehicle company is being owned by Mike Prince, which Chuck already acquired. Chuck found that the various computer drives were moving in those vehicles and continued to follow them, and he deducts that those drives had information about the cryptocurrency. 

Chuck spoke about Prince and Greg Stillson, the most powerful politician in the novel “The Dead zone,” and compared both. He also mentioned that Stillson had an intention to become the United States’ president, similar to the prince. Stillson has an insatiable habit that he ultimately gets everything he wants. 

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After knowing that the prince slept with Rian, Scooter and Wags try to discover its complications. Rian continuously affirms that the encounter is consentient. But she didn’t take the money, and then Taylor conveyed that this was the freedom given to her.

Chuck couldn’t stop until he found out what was there in the drives. So, as soon as he came out of the public office, he went to the warehouse and found the movements successfully. And then he contacts an IT guy who conveys to him about the ten attempts to access the drive. And he helped him to open the industry and took 100 Million worth of cryptocurrency.

Chuck was thinking of opening other drives, but he probably ended up in prison for illegally ceasing information. And prince also could end up in jail because of the tax fraud.

Prince lied to everyone that nothing was there in those drives. Then the truth was revealed at the end of the episode. Then he let the IT person try out all the ten attempts, and then every money kept has gone forever. Since Chuck couldn’t prove the prince’s tax fraud, he ended up in prison for using a dummy warrant against him.

Dave’s planning:

Dave visited the prison to see Chuck and conveyed that she got the approval to legalize his raid. He understood that the prince bought the whole election using cryptocurrency. And she realized why Chuck was so furious about the prince. So, probably in the next season, they plan to observe the prince’s actions and put an illegal activity against him.

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