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Why Bill Hader Praised as Emmy’s only Mask-Wearing Person? Why He Wore a Mask at The Emmys?

Bill Hader illness

The 74th Primetime Emmy Awards, held in LA’s Microsoft Theater on Monday night, were full of memorable moments. The Memoriam part was the most melancholy, paying tribute to the greatest Hollywood stars who had passed away in 2022.

At the 2022 Emmys, Bill Hader was one of the few prominent figures seen without a mask. Standard COVID etiquette was followed by speakers, nominees, and attendees.

Because of his autoimmune illness, for which he takes immunosuppressant medication, Hader was candid about the effects of COVID-19 on him.

Hader’s presence in a room full of anonymous faces stood out for some reason.

Only Bill Hader Would Show up To the 2022 Emmys in A Mask

Bill Hader illness

Hader wasn’t neurotic or trying to look good by wearing the mask, as it turned out. Even though he has stated that he suffers from severe COVID anxiety, he has every reason to be worried.

According to a feature he gave to The Hollywood Reporter earlier this year, he suffers from an autoimmune disease and takes medicine to control its symptoms

Bill Hader, according to journalist Rebecca Keegan, “wears an N95 mask to work on the Sony lot, where masking is optional, and toggles between worrying about acquiring COVID-19 and wondering about if the stress from worrying is aggravating his autoimmune disorder.”

Further, the show’s success depends on him as a writer, director, and actor, therefore he can’t afford to have production halted. It occurred to me, “If I get COVID, it’s going to cost a helluva tonne of money.

So, I had a really rigid policy. I’ve put a lot of stress on myself. ‘I just don’t like that,’ he continued, “because I have all these other things I’m trying to do, and that’s taking up space in my brain.”

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Bill Hader’s Health Struggles: An Inside Look

Bill Hader illness

The actor had an in-depth interview with the journal, detailing the effects of the COVID reality on his life and how he was forced to quarantine himself at home until he could get vaccinated last year. At the 2022 Emmys, Bill Hader was notable for not wearing a disguise.

Hader disclosed that he had been medicating for years to combat his disease and prevent his immune system from attacking his body.

The actor was completely immunized against COVID, yet he still took precautions to avoid infection.

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The comic worries not just about his physical well-being, but also about the financial consequences of becoming ill.

It will cost a lot of money if I have COVID, he told THR. “Therefore, I have been really stringent. Many of my stresses are self-imposed.

Hader revealed that he had to remove his mask in public only once when attending a birthday party for one of his daughters that were held outside.

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