ControversyActress and Singer Bette Midler Addresses Criticism of Her Tweets About the...

Actress and Singer Bette Midler Addresses Criticism of Her Tweets About the “Erasure” of Women!

On Monday, Bette Midler caused a stir on Twitter when she suggested that using trans-inclusive terminology strips cis women of their individuality.

After receiving online criticism for a previous tweet regarding women’s equality, Bette Midler has since issued a clarification on her position on transgender people.

She went on to say that “pregnant people” and “menstruating people” are more commonly used today than “pregnant women” and “menstruating men” respectively.

Midler argues that the use of this terminology indicates that trans and nonbinary persons experience similar barriers to healthcare access.

Bette Midler’s Statement That Trans-Inclusive Language “Erases” Women Draws Fire

bette midler controversy

A controversial New York Times opinion piece by Pamela Paul served as inspiration for the initial message conveyed by the star of the upcoming Hocus Pocus 2.

Neither I nor anybody I know would ever intentionally exclude anyone on the basis of their gender identity or expression,” Midler tweeted late Tuesday night.

“It was about the same sexism and misogyny that women (and by extension, ALL WOMEN) have endured since the Stone Age. Still, men were given the lead roles.”

When pressed further, she said, “But truly, folks, if anyone who read that tweet thinks I have anything but love for any marginalized group, go to Wikipedia and type in my name.”

After Midler’s tweet, many people quickly responded to her, pointing out the flaws in her reasoning and urging her to change her mind.

We are not attempting to erase women by using gender-neutral terminology when discussing those in need of abortion services.

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Bette Midler Says She Meant No Transphobia when She Tweeted About Women.

bette midler controversy

Amid online criticism over a previous tweet regarding women’s equality, Bette Midler has issued a clarification of her position on transgender people.

The upcoming Hocus Pocus 2 star’s initial post was inspired by a divisive New York Times opinion piece by Pamela Paul, in which Paul argued that women were being “stripped of our rights over our bodies,” as proven by the use of trans-inclusive language like “birthing people.”

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When pressed further, she said, “But truly, folks, if anyone who read that tweet thinks I have anything but love for any marginalized group, go to Wikipedia and type in my name.”

When Bette Midler said, “I’ve always been an ally to the LGBTQ+ community,” she was referring to the fact that she built her fan base by performing in gay bathhouses.

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve been an advocate for the underdog. Even yet, if you wish to disregard my 60 years of demonstrated love and concern because of a tweet that inadvertently insulted the same people I have always supported and admired, then so be it “Later, she elaborated.

“However, we are in danger of losing our democracy. I’m committed to doing what I can to preserve democracy for everyone.

We need to work together because, in case you haven’t noticed, we can’t survive as a group and are doomed to fail if we’re split up.”

“I’ll say it, and you can all hate me if you must: just because you go and get new bodily parts doesn’t make you a woman. Sorry, “she explained to Morgan, before adding:

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Regardless of whether you’ve had surgery or not, “if you want me to call you a female, I will, because that’s what you want,” but that doesn’t make you a woman.


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