DivorceAccording to Reports, Bella Poarch Files for Divorce from Her Four-Year "Secret...

According to Reports, Bella Poarch Files for Divorce from Her Four-Year “Secret Husband”.

Bella Poarch, a popular TikTok user, files for divorce from her secret husband, shocking fans. Unexpectedly, Bella Poarch has requested a divorce from her husband Tyler Poarch. Since the influencer had kept her marriage a secret for so long, the news surprised many people.

Despite having more than 92 million followers on TikTok, Poarch has never mentioned her husband or shared a photo of them together. Continue reading to find out more about Poarch’s divorce from her husband.

Bella Poarch Files for Divorce from Her Husband

bella poarch divorce

Bella Poarch filed court filings in Los Angeles County, according to the tabloid TMZ. According to the document, Bella, whose actual name is Denarie, is divorcing Tyler Poarch due to “irreconcilable disagreements.”

The couple was wed in January 2019, according to the divorce documents. Interestingly, the social media celebrity was spotted taking a mirror selfie just two days before her wedding and appeared happy.

Poarch shared a tonne of pictures and videos on social media during the past three years, but none of them showed her wearing a wedding band. The influencer has previously declared on a number of occasions that she was single.

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Fans Shocked by The Revelation

Social media users immediately voiced their surprise over how the influencer was able to keep her marriage secret for so long after learning about Poarch’s divorce.

“Bella Poarch having her full career in the spotlight while hiding a whole man for four years is a crazy level of stealth,” wrote an admirer.

Another fan tweeted, “Aside from Bella Poarch being married secretly. Bella Poarch’s buddies didn’t snitch are faithful. I’m also surprised that her surname is not Poarch but rather that of her husband. Also not Bella, but Denarie Ms. Gurl or Mrs. Girl was Denarie Bautista Taylor.

Bella Poarch is the ideal illustration of why I don’t think some of this 2nd generation K-pop idols are married. No matter how engaged or open a celebrity may seem to be with their fans, in the end, it is always their decision whether or not to expose something to the public.

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Last Year, There Were Rumors that Bella and Tyga Were Dating

When the two appeared in some TikTok videos together in September of last year, suspicions about the social media star dating rapper Tyga began to circulate.

The couple was spotted grooving to the rapper’s tunes in his Los Angeles residence. Poarch later clarified that the two were only friends and that the reports were untrue.

She claimed to have been single for a year during an appearance on the H3 podcast earlier in the year. The 25-year-old admitted that she dated two men while serving in the Navy.

After finding out that she would be leaving the Navy due to mental health issues, the second man is said to have dumped her.

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