How to Clean Baseboards in 6 Easy (and Perhaps a Little Strange) Steps

The task of cleaning your baseboards is not particularly exciting. However, it is the kind of chore that, once finished to a tee and left in pristine condition, will make your house feel and look better.

It’s highly unlikely that anyone will ever walk in and commend you on how clean your baseboards are. But they have the potential to be spotless gear in your otherwise pristine home machine.

This weekend, or whenever it is most convenient for you, we found six different approaches to cleaning baseboards that you may test out.

Some of these tips are odd, some are simple, some are quite thorough, and some are probably something you’ve never even considered doing—but one of them might be a good fit for the way you clean!

Get everyone in the family involved in this project so that it can get done more quickly. How frequently should you make an effort to complete this task? It relies entirely on the requirements you have.

It is recommended that homes with a lot of fur and hair clean their baseboards once a week; however, if you live alone and keep everything else pretty clean, you might be able to get away with only doing it once or twice a month. Homes with a lot of fur and hair should consider giving the baseboards a swipe once a week.

1. the Technique of The Magic Eraser

Take a pail of warm, soapy water (or a bucket of vinegar and water), a stack of Magic Erasers (or whichever brand of erasers you want), and simply swipe.

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baseboard cleaning hacks

Before you begin wiping, squeeze as much water out of the sponge as possible to prevent leaving the boards too wet to dry. The wood cleaner can be used in place of painted baseboards if you don’t have those.

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2. The Method of Cleaning Using Wipes

baseboard cleaning hacks

Get yourself a package of cleaning wipes, and get to wiping. This is especially helpful if you have a limited amount of time or a small home to work with. The disadvantage of this approach is that it generates more trash than methods that employ reusable items because disposable items are used in their production.

3. Utilizing Some Type of Dryer Sheet

baseboard cleaning hacks

You may clean your baseboards by grabbing a Swiffer and a box of fabric softener sheets and giving them a quick sweep. The dust-repellent characteristics of the dryer sheets help coat your baseboards and make them easier to clean.

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4. Use of a Broom as a Tool

It’s possible that the only cleaning your baseboards need is a little dusting if they aren’t particularly dirty. Utilize the tools that are designed specifically for the task at hand to make things simpler for yourself.

baseboard cleaning hacks

You can use a miniature portable broom, or if you don’t have one of those, you can use a clean paintbrush instead (those for edging would work great). If you do this method of sweeping your baseboards, you should probably do it before you vacuum your floors so that you can pick up any hair or dust that gets swept off throughout the process.

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Also, if you have a bristle-equipped sweeper attachment for your vacuum that is tiny enough, you may use that to clean the dust off of your boards.

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5. The Method of Using Socks

baseboard cleaning hacks

Step 1: Grab an old sock.

Step 2: put a single-use toilet brush into the sock.

Step 3: Spray the sock with the cleaning agent of your choosing (mild soap, vinegar, and water, or wood cleaner), and then wipe the surface clean. You’ll definitely appear a little bit insane while you’re doing it, but it sounds very simple (and dare we say fun?) to carry out.

6. The Approach that Is the Most Complete

baseboard cleaning hacks

We came across this really detailed baseboard cleaning lesson on Imperfect Homemaking, and even with all of that information, it’s not difficult to do. If you haven’t cleaned your baseboards in a while (or ever), you may want to start here, and in the future, you can move to some of the easier upkeep methods that were discussed earlier.

First, remove the dust with a dry brush, then clean the surface with a warm washcloth (or sponge, or sock), and finally, grab some cotton swabs to use in the areas that are difficult to reach and clean.

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