9 Fantastic Windows Tips and Tricks to Ease Your Life!

It may come as no surprise that there are numerous tips, techniques, and hacks that you may not be aware of given how many people use Microsoft Windows in all of its forms globally.

There are countless queries regarding how to make Windows use more efficient, from learning how to insert a checkbox in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Google Docs(opens in a new tab), to learning how to insert a tick or a cross sign in Microsoft Word or Excel(opens in new tab).

If you have Windows 7, in particular, we’ve covered 11 top tips and tricks(opens in a new tab) to employ to improve that OS. Below, we’ve also listed nine of our favorite Windows hacks and tricks for you.

1. Squeeze the Window to Minimize

This is a favorite of ours. You can give a window a little shake by clicking and dragging it; try it now! Your workspace will become clutter-free as soon as all of the other open windows are minimized.

2. Simple methods for deleting browser history

In a web browser, pressing Ctrl + Shift + Del will take you directly to your browsing history (Image credit: Future)

awesome Windows hacks

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If you want to erase your browsing history but don’t want to search through your browser’s options, try pressing Ctrl + Shift + Del. That will lead you directly to the menu!

3. Point out The Address Bar.

Have you ever attempted to copy or remove a lengthy URL from a browser’s address bar? Who cares? Simply press F6 to immediately highlight the URL. Magic.

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4. Ignore Ctrl+alt+del

When a computer fails, most users immediately open the task manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del. Try using Ctrl + Shift + Esc to launch the task manager instead. The fewer steps there are in the process, the better if your computer is crashing.

Of course, right-clicking on the taskbar will launch the task manager, but this approach feels a little more deceptive.

5. God Mode

The Windows Master Control Panel, sometimes known as “God Mode,” provides quick access to all of the operating system’s control panels from one location. Create a new folder on your desktop (or wherever) and give it the following name to create a shortcut to it:


You can alter the “GodMode” portion, but make sure the remainder and the full stop remain the same. After renaming it, you’ll see a change in the icon and have access to all of Windows’ most potent capabilities.

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6. Using Command-Line Arguments to Specify File Names

The most difficult part of trying to run a file after opening DOS is typing out the entire file directory: D: Documents, Pictures, etc.

awesome Windows hacks

Try dragging the file into the command prompt directly instead, and the application will enter it for you. Simple!

7. Go Straight to The Desktop

awesome Windows hacks

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Do you recall the “Show desktop” icon that was once present on the taskbar in Windows? However, because you can simply press Win + D, it is no longer necessary. If you’re unfamiliar, the Win button is the one with the wavy Windows flag icon that is located between the left Ctrl and Alt buttons.

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8. Multiple File Renaming at Once

When selecting multiple files at once, press F2 to rename them all with the same name. So you don’t get confused, Windows will also add a (1) or a (2) to the end of each file name.

9. Instantly Lock Your Computer

It’s advisable to develop the habit of hitting Win + L each time you leave your desktop alone if you’re leaving your laptop open around pals who might change your Facebook information for fun or if you simply want to boost security on your PC.

awesome Windows hacks

By doing this, your computer will return to its lock screen, requiring your password before any intrusive tinkerers may make embarrassing status updates. It does, however, maintain all of your open windows and documents.

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