DivorceAurora Culpo Files for Divorce from Her 'Survivor' Star Husband!!!

Aurora Culpo Files for Divorce from Her ‘Survivor’ Star Husband!!!

Aurora Culpo, a social media personality, and sister of Olivia Culpo has filed for divorce from ‘Survivor’ actor Michael Bortone.

The Blast has learned that Aurora Culpo submitted new court papers for the divorce of her marriage in the Los Angeles County Courts. Her ex-husband gained fame for his 2008 performance on “Survivor: Micronesia — Fans vs. Favorites,” and they were married for three years.

Along with frequently joining her sister Olivia in her Instagram escapades, Aurora is also known for her social media influence.

Quick Facts About Aurora Culpo

Full Name Aurora Culpo
Profession Model and Reality TV Star
Age 33 years old
Marital Status Divorced
Ex-Husband Michael Bortone
Children 2
Siblings Sophia and Olivia Culpo
Nationality American


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‘Survivor’ Star Michael Bortone Splits from Olivia Culpo’s Sister

Culpo is seeking the court to grant Remi and Solei, the youngest children of the ex-couple, “joint” custody. As the basis for the divorce, Aurora claims there were “irreconcilable disagreements,” and she is requesting that the court order Bartone to pay spousal and child maintenance. Additionally, she is requesting that the court stop granting the ‘Survivor’ star assistance.

It is unknown if the couple has a prenuptial agreement regarding how their property will be divided, but the document notes, “It is not yet known exactly what the parties’ assets and debts are.

Once this has been established, the required disclosures will be submitted, and the Stipulated Judgment will address the assets and debts.”

The Details of Aurora Culpo and Michael Bortone’s Divorce

aurora culpo divorce

Aurora Culpo, the sister of Olivia Culpo, has filed for divorce from “Survivor” actor Michael Bortone. In the document, Aurora claimed that “irreconcilable difficulties” were to blame for the breakup. The couple reportedly ended their relationship in January 2022.

Michael and she were married for roughly three years. They rear two children together. Neither party has made any public statements about the divorce at this time, so it is unclear why the happy couple is no longer together.

She has no pictures of herself with her husband, as is evident from her Instagram. Maybe the reports that the couple is no longer together are real after all. Aurora hasn’t yet made any entries about her divorce.

Michael, a Boston, Massachusetts native who wanted to be a writer and performer, attended the Actors Circle Theatre. He once ran a chimney and masonry company in addition to a bar/restaurant.

Bortone attended the prep school Maine Central Institute before enrolling in two years of college at Northeastern University in Boston. He has appeared in advertising for Levi’s, American Express, and Progressive Auto.

Olivia Culpo’s Sister Files to End Marriage After only 3 Years

It’s interesting to note that Culpo claims the pair split up in January 2022, leaving their formal marriage just under 3 years old.

Following the paparazzi’s discovery of Olivia and Aurora’s dress shopping, the former couple’s wedding received media attention. The couple was photographed in identical Adidas tracksuits in October 2018 at Kinsley James Couture Bridal in Beverly Grove, Los Angeles.

Little Remi went wedding shopping with her mother, aunt, and uncle. “Purchasing a wedding gown with my twins! I appreciate you flying out to assist me in selecting one of your amazing designs, @ritavinieris! I feel extremely fortunate! Olive at the time wrote.

Aurora Culpo Slams American Airlines Over ‘Cover Up’ Scandal with Famous Sister

aurora culpo divorce

After calling out American Airlines for the “cover-up” controversy involving her famous sister, Aurora Culpo garnered a lot of media attention.

As we previously reported, Oliva was instructed to alter her attire because it was too skimpy in January as she boarded an aircraft with her sister and boyfriend Christian McCaffrey. With no hesitation, Aurora spoke up for her sister.

I’m heading to Cabo with Olivia to look at her outfit. It should be mentioned that Olivia was wearing an enormous sweater, a matching pair of black biker shorts, and a black bralette. Aurora kept going, “She appears cute.

Doesn’t she appear appropriate?” They summon her to the desk and inform her that she must put on a blouse in order to board the aircraft. Please tell me that isn’t too messed up. I adore American Airlines so much. Get me to Cabo, please.”

It’s currently unclear what specifically caused the happy pair to part ways, and neither has publicly commented on the divorce. Additionally, both still post on each other’s social media accounts, suggesting that the separation and divorce were ideally amicable.

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Aurora Culpo & Michael Bortone Were Married for Three Years

aurora culpo divorce

It’s interesting to note that, according to Culpo, the couple parted ways in January 2022, giving their legal union a little under three years. After the paparazzi saw Olivia and Aurora shopping for dresses, news outlets covered the former couple’s wedding.

In October 2018, the pair was seen on camera at Kinsley James Couture Bridal in Beverly Grove, Los Angeles, wearing matching Adidas tracksuits. Little Remi, along with her mother, aunt, and uncle, went wedding shopping.

Despite the fact that Aurora has a very busy life as a mother and businesswoman, she is excited to start this new chapter in her life following her divorce and see where it takes her.


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