CelebrityArmie Hammer Sex Scandals, Family Secrets to Be Explored!

Armie Hammer Sex Scandals, Family Secrets to Be Explored!

From sexual assault allegations to silver forks. On Friday, Discovery+ premiered a docuseries focused on the horrifying charges levelled against disgraced actor Armie Hammer and his terrifying family background.

Since the beginning of his career, Armie Hammer has been the subject of criticism for his questionable behaviour and comments.

In January 2021, the actor found himself under fire when several women posted screenshots of purportedly sexually explicit direct communications from him on social media.

The direct messages (DMs) described violent sexual desires, including rape, mutilation, and cannibalism, but their veracity cannot be confirmed.

In the three-part series “House of Hammer,” Hammer’s accusers and the sister of Hammer’s father, businessman Michael Hammer, describe an alleged pattern of abuse inside the family.

The star of “The Social Network” was also accused of “violently” raping a woman named Effie last year. There have been reports that he sent explicit messages to multiple women, including ones depicting rape and cannibalism. Hammer has since dismissed the allegations.

Effie Has Accused Hammer of Sexual Assault and Other Forms of Abuse, Both Emotional and Physical

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Of all the rumours about Hammer, Effie’s claims are the most serious. This woman is the only one who has publicly accused Hammer of rape.

During their four-year relationship, Effie claimed Hammer “mentally, emotionally, and sexually abused her,” according to reports at the time.

Hammer admitted to having a preference for brutal sex in the past but later claimed that marrying his now-estranged wife Elizabeth Chambers had mellowed him out.

“I enjoyed being grabbed around the neck and hair and everything. Married life, however, alters one’s sexual cravings, as he admitted to Playboy in 2013. Not that I’m in any pain or discomfort, but I do mean that as a positive development.

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However, you shouldn’t actually pull your wife’s hair. When you respect someone enough, you stop yourself from doing bad things that you might otherwise do.

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Getting Hitched with Armie Hammer

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Armie Hammer married Elizabeth Chambers in 2010, however, the couple later divorced in 2020.

Hammer admitted to having a preference for brutal sex in the past, but said that marrying his now-estranged wife, Elizabeth Chambers, had mellowed his sexual preferences.

In her divorce petition from 2020, she requested sole physical custody of Harper, 7, and Ford, 5, with Hammer maintaining joint legal custody.

Thirteen years together as friends, soulmates, partners, and parents. They announced their divorce on both of their Instagram pages, writing, “It has been a fantastic adventure, but together, we’ve decided to turn the page and move on from our marriage.”

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Our children and our close friendship as co-parents and lifelong friends will continue to be our top priorities as we begin this new chapter.

In January 2021, when similar allegations surfaced regarding Hammer, the actor issued a statement through his lawyer saying, “These charges about Mr Hammer are utterly incorrect.”


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