Anthony Joshua Makes an Apology Statement Regarding His Behaviour Following His Defeat by Usyk.

Following his Sunday loss to Oleksandr Usyk of Ukraine for the world heavyweight title in Saudi Arabia, British boxer Anthony Joshua apologized for his terrible post-fight behavior. After Usyk was declared the winner of the fight by split point decision, a high-stakes drama broke out.

Usyk’s belts were thrown to the ground as Joshua stormed out of the ring in a fit of rage and made his way to the locker room. Then, he hurried back to seize control of the microphone and slammed his detractors in an expletive-filled rant.

On that particular night, the British boxer’s emotions won. He has already apologized profusely on Twitter, detailing his acts and the mental state that led up to his outburst. He also praised his rival for putting up a superb battle that evening.

anthony joshua apology

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“I send my best wishes to @usykaa as you pursue greatness. You are the epitome of class. Yesterday, in order to battle for the championship belts, I had to psychologically put myself in a dark place! Joshua posted on Twitter, “I had two bouts, one with Usyk and one with my emotions, and both got the best of me.

The former heavyweight champion added that he let himself down and that his actions were motivated only by his unbridled passion for the game. “I absolutely adore this sport, and I’ll get far better after this. “Respect,” he said.

Although Joshua, 32, fared far better than he did in his previous bout with Usyk, 35, the Ukrainian was still superior.

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Following the announcement of the outcome, AJ lost his composure and flung two of Usyk’s belts out of the ring. Then Joshua stormed out of the ring, but he eventually came back to shake hands with his rival. AJ, however, stated: “I don’t care about being strong, I have that skill,” as they conversed in the ring.

Strong people don’t necessarily win fights. Boxing is won by skill.

“You lack strength. How did you outscore me? How? due to ability.

“I was a person of character and resolve. Where is the mic?

The British then took control of the microphone and passionately addressed the audience, which prompted Sky Sports announcer Adam Smith to apologize again for the X-rated language.

Let’s give Usyk a round of applause because he is one heck of a f***ing fighter, stated Joshua.

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anthony joshua apology

Sorry people, but you would understand the enthusiasm if you understood my tale. “I wasn’t an excellent potential from youth, bro, I was going to jail. I ain’t no f***ing amateur boxer from five years old.

“I saw some young people in the Reading jail, so I got out on bond and started working my ass off.” “Because I wouldn’t be able to fight if I received a sentence. I bust my case, where is my cousin? G14.

I’m sorry, but I’m stealing this Usyk because of how passionately we’ve worked on it, guy. “Guys, I’m telling you, this guy must have worked extremely hard if he was able to defeat me tonight. Maybe I could have performed better.

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So please applaud him for being named the heavyweight world champion.

I’m not a 12-round combatant, am I? Look at me, I’m a new breed of heavyweight. All those heavyweights like Mike Tyson, Sonny Liston, and Jack Dempsey claim that I lack Rocky Marciano’s ability to throw combinations because I weigh 18 stone instead of the f***ing 14 stone they claim I do.

“This person here has a wonderful talent, and we’re going to clap for him three times. It’s hard work. So, mate, how many belts do you now have, five? “As I mentioned, I was researching Ukraine and all of the winners that have originated from your wonderful country. I’ve never been there, but what’s going on there is not great.

“I witnessed that with [Vasily] Lomachenko in your second match against Orlando [Salido] when there was turbulence and civil war in Ukraine. Vitali Klitschko faced Danny Williams during a time of instability, and despite those odds, Usyk was able to win the title. Bravo, Bravo! All I have to say is Bismillah.

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