Angela Rose’s Home: Is She Getting a Divorce?

The internet has spread the global notion that Angela Rose Home is divorcing her spouse. For her advice on do-it-yourself home repair projects, social media influencer Angela Rose, also known online as AngelaRoseHome, is well recognized.

Angela’s primary goal is to DO rather than use a PIN. Many other people who completely renovated their homes were motivated by her ideas. In order to add style to the home, Rose frequently browses the Instagram feeds of other interior designers and creates her own DIY decorating techniques.

Angela Rose Home: Who Is She?

The top 10 Instagram accounts for excellent home restoration are all accounts from Angela Rose Homes, according to Dwell Magazine. She enjoys remodeling and furnishing homes with the assistance of other designers.

angela rose divorce

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She makes the house into a lovely home for a tiny fraction of the price. Well-known online stars have been published on numerous websites, including, Real Simple,, and

The more you value what you do, the more you’ll come to realize that you have a special talent. The results of her preference for starting initiatives from scratch have been remarkable. She believes that the greatest approach to making your home beautiful is to just incorporate a few fresh concepts and technology.

Angela Rose Home and Her Husband Mike Are Getting a Divorce, Right?

There are numerous divorce rumors on the internet, but Angela Rose hasn’t addressed any of them. Mike and Angela Rose Home have been wed for a very long time. They seemed to be getting along well with one another. Currency speculation has been there for a time.

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Her husband’s photos are still visible on her Instagram profile. So it’s possible that the rumors concerning their split are unfounded. On her side of the tale, Mike hasn’t been seen in a while. On March 10, 2021, when they celebrated the social media star on reaching 1 million followers, Mike was last observed on Angela’s Instagram.

The couple has kept their relationship private and out of the public eye. Posts on house design and power equipment dominate Angela’s Instagram account, @angelarosehome.

angela rose divorce

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How Did Angela Begin Her Career in DIY?

Angela recounted happily in an interview, “A year ago, I was hanging out with a bunch of friends, all of whom had their own Pinterest boards full of ideas for their homes. My intention was to create a Pinterest profile that served as more than just a repository for my favorite stuff.

Every DIY project starts with a plethora of crazy ideas. Since I’m being completely honest, I frequently feel a little overwhelmed when I begin a new project, but now that I’ve become used to the chaos, I actually enjoy it. One of Angela’s favorite projects that she has completed is accent walls.

I frequently find inspiration on the Instagram and Pinterest sites of other individuals. I believe that a person’s home should only contain items that the owner treasures.

What Is the Net Worth of Angela Rose Home?

A well-known interior designer named Angela Rose is thought to be worth $15 million. Nevertheless, this is only a hunch. She is one of the top 20 paid home influencers in the world, bringing in a respectable six-figure income.

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Her expected yearly salary in her current work is $371,684. Home renovators are able to lead opulent lives thanks to their income. She also apparently receives $5053 for each sponsored post adds to that.

She is content with her employment as an interior designer, where she gets to deal with color and pattern. She already has a million Instagram followers, so it’s safe to assume that her celebrity will cause her profits to grow in the future.

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