ControversyIs Amouranth History Controversial TwitchCon 2019 Entry Denied Because of Husband Abuse?

Is Amouranth History Controversial TwitchCon 2019 Entry Denied Because of Husband Abuse?

While Amouranth, one of the most prominent Twitch streamers in the world, has been quite open about the success of her businesses and investments, she has also kept some things under wraps.

Some aspects of her private life have remained largely hidden from public view. Doubtless, her marital status has been the subject of speculation for quite some time.

In a Livestream from October 15, Twitch streamer Caitlin “Amouranth” Siragusa discussed her abusive marriage.

But on October 15th, Siragusa confessed that she was in an abusive marriage during a live broadcast, and the show took a very dark turn.

Amouranth Claims Her Husband Abuses Her During a Live Twitch Broadcast.

amouranth controversy

She accused him of killing their dogs, controlling their finances, forcing them to stream, and leaving them with very little money when he died.

Angry, disrespectful, and accusing her of lying, the male speaker in one video shouts, “Get out of the house” after the streamer asks her husband why he threatened to kill their dogs.

Amouranth is repeatedly called a “dumb bastard” and threatened in the messages.

Several commenters have claimed that she discards her belongings because she refuses to follow directions, while others have referred to her clothing as “trash.”

She announced her intention to divorce her husband and declared, “My loneliness is going to become real” in the stream.

The claimed incident occurred after he ordered her to act as if she were single and use the Jacuzzi.

She said her husband instructed her not to tell anyone about their marriage, so she waited until now to do so.

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As he allegedly explained to her, doing so would be disastrous to their “business model,” and thus they had to keep it under wraps.

At that point, a mysterious female voice questioned if she had taken the medicine, and the flow stopped dead in its tracks.

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In Light of Her Controversial Past, Amouranth Was Not Allowed to Attend an Event at Twitch Con 2019.

amouranth controversy

The incident described below occurred in San Diego in 2019. Kaitlyn, like many other creators, traveled to the location to participate in the prestigious event.

There was one footage, relating to the Hot Tub broadcaster, that went viral during TwitchCon 2019.

Amouranth was attempting to get into a convention event. Unfortunately, she also turned away and instructed me to leave.

It was originally posted to the LivestreamFail subreddit but has since been taken down.

Many speculated that it was due to the fact that she was wearing an inappropriately exposed crop top. However, the opposite was not true either.

It turns out that there weren’t any extra spots for Amouranth, thus he couldn’t enter.

Because of this, the Twitch streamer was denied entrance, while staff members prevented spectators from standing to observe.

Given that a number of other Redditors had cited the same rationale, it was easy to accept as true.

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Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa, a popular Twitch streamer, recently went live to discuss some unsettling messages she received from her spouse.

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She stated that her husband had verbally and emotionally abused her.

The event Amouranth wanted to attend at TwitchCon was full, and she turned away because of her controversial past. Therefore, the Twitch streamer was not eligible for participation.


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