The Top 10 Amazon Tricks for Saving Money!

One of the best sites to purchase is Amazon, but did you realize there are ways to improve it even more? Books, clothes, gadgets, and other items are just a few of the many products that Amazon sells. You can download a tonne of free items to your Kindle from their website as well.

I enjoy buying things on Amazon. Finding what I’m looking for is simple, and the costs are typically not too high. Additionally, I know that Amazon will always have everything I need, including books, technology, and groceries. The simplest way for me to shop is on Amazon for anything I need.

At the same time, the corporation makes purchasing items so simple that occasionally we aren’t even aware of the amount we are paying. When you shop online, it can be difficult to keep track of all the small costs as they accumulate. Due to the fantastic money-saving tips we have discovered, we will make your Amazon online shopping experience even better.

10 Amazon Tips and Tricks to Save Money

These tips will enable you to cut costs on your purchases whether you’re a novice or a seasoned Amazon shopper. Here are 10 strategies to make the most of your Amazon shopping experience, from using promo coupons to utilizing free delivery deals. When you’re ready to shop again, keep these suggestions in mind!

1. Track Prices Using Tools

Many tools are available for monitoring Amazon product prices. Finding the best offers may be aided by this. CamelCamelCamel is one of the most well-liked price monitoring programs.

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On the website, you may sign up to receive notifications when a product’s price drops below a predetermined level, ensuring that you always get the greatest deal. Finding the finest Amazon deals may be made much easier by using price tracking tools. Isn’t it great?

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2. Make Amazon Household Members a Part of Your Prime Membership

You may share your Amazon Prime membership advantages with up to four other members of your home, something you are probably not aware of as a member of Amazon Prime. This may be an excellent method to cut costs on shipping and streaming media.

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To share your prime privileges with the other members, you only need to form an Amazon Household. This is a fantastic method for making significant Amazon savings. A large number of people are unaware of this hack!

3. With A Student Email, Receive 6 Months of Prime.

Only students are eligible to use this hack; if you are a college student, you can acquire a free six-month trial of Amazon Prime by creating an EDU email account. This is an excellent method to test out Prime and determine whether it is worthwhile. A complimentary extension to your Prime membership can be requested by calling customer service. The benefits of Amazon Prime are yet another compelling argument.

You always have the option to end or renew your membership after your trial period of six months. If you are a college student, this is a fantastic way to get Prime for free.

In this blog article, we’ll talk about a lot more hacks. So make sure to pay attention as we share more tips to help you cut costs on Amazon.

4. Gift Card Swap

Do you have many discounted gift cards that have a small amount of remaining value and aren’t worthwhile keeping? To exchange them for a card with a larger balance, you can now use Amazon’s gift card exchange.

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Gift cards you don’t intend to use can be eliminated utilizing this method. Aside from that, you can always buy Amazon gift cards, but did you know that you can also use existing prepaid Visa gift cards from other stores to do so?

This is a great choice if the value of your previous gift card has decreased over time or is about to expire.

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5. Combine and Ship Purchases to Receive Them at A Lower Cost and Faster.

Although it’s not a surefire hack, it generally works. Start by choosing standard delivery for all but one of the two (or more) products you buy within an hour. The cost per item varies depending on where you live, but in general, it is less expensive to get things from Amazon through One-Day Delivery than to buy them online and wait the customary two days for delivery instead of using prime shipping.

6. Amazon Lightning Deals

An intriguing feature of Amazon that a lot of customers are unaware of is Lightning Deals. Consumers can only purchase a certain quantity of items or within a certain time frame during Lightning Deals, which are time-limited offers. For instance, a product might be “50% off for the next three hours.”

The drawback is that Lightning Deals aren’t always made public in advance, so you have to keep an eye out for them on Amazon. This is often a fantastic method to find amazing discounts on necessities.

7. Purchase Items from An Amazon Outlet or Go to An Amazon Warehouse

Even though purchasing items for less money is exciting, online shopping is still exciting. You might save money by shopping on Amazon’s website rather than in a store or warehouse. When purchasing from an Amazon warehouse, you can browse through overstock and sale items across a range of categories.

The only drawback is that some of the items are used, but the majority are brand new and in excellent condition. If you can get a product like this for less money while keeping it in like-new condition, I think this is a great deal. This may be a fantastic technique to find fantastic discounts on Amazon warehouse. This is a lesser-known Amazon hack.

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8. Earn Free Credit with No-Rush Shipping

Choose FREE no-rush shipping when making your purchase rather than the free 2-day shipping option. For digital goods like music and movies, you will either receive a credit or a price reduction. It is a terrific way to buy digital goods without having to wait the customary two days for shipping.

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Physical things can also use the Free No-Rush Shipping hack, but it will take a little longer for them to arrive since they won’t be delivered by prime shipping. This is a fantastic method for Amazon money-saving.

9. Make Use of The Honey Chrome Extension

Using the Honey plugin is a great Amazon trick as well. It is a browser add-on that quickly locates and uses coupons at checkout.

A wonderful technique to save more money on Amazon without doing anything is by using honey. Installing the extension is all that is necessary; the rest will be handled automatically. Is Amazon not a fantastic location to save money?

10. Custom Search Parameters for Search

It’s very simple to use this amazing hack; all you have to do is add a few letters to the end of the Amazon URL to create custom search parameters.

By including the string &pct-off=30-50 at the end of the Amazon URL, you can filter the products that are currently on sale.

(pct, short for percentage)

What to do is as follows:

Go to your Amazon account and sign in.
Navigate to the category where you want to shop, then paste this after the URL &pct-off=30-50.
Hit Enter and a list of items in the category with discounts of 30–50% will be generated.
To see items that are 80 percent off, substitute 30–50 with 80. You can get a list of Amazon items that are significantly discounted by using this on the Amazon website. It’s quite easy!

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