All of us are dead season 2 renewed or cancelled ?

Most of us here have already watched the train to Busan and many other zombie apocalypse types of movies and series, and the reaction to those series have been so good that the makers have gone on renewing the shows over and over. Now Netflix didn’t disappoint us with its approach to zombies and here we are with its south Korean apocalyptic drama series. the storyline of the series is adopted from a webcomic titled jigeum Woori hakkyoneum which came out in the year 2009 and now has been adopted by the director lee Jae Kyu and Kim Nam soo. Overall based on its genre and the excellent but a bit stereotypical storyline, and also the fan’s overwhelming reaction towards this 2022 south Korean series, this can be considered a must-watch for all those binge watchers who love horror movies.

All of us are dead storyline

The main storyline around which the series is revolving is a high school which is generally quite chaotic and I actually depicted in a very realistic way by the makers of the show, and suddenly out of a lab within the school, the disaster starts, as one of the students get bitten by a virus bearing rat and that virus can easily turn humans into zombies, a death which could happen in the worst ways. Now soon as we go on watching the series, a small incident and a small virus in a single school go on spreading all over the city and slowly engulfs all while some remain fighting it but have their walls against the wall, with the limited sources of food and water, to know more we do have to watch the season 1 if not watched and wait till season 2 arrives.

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All of us are dead cast

Now the cast for this show has been mesmerizing from the first, we have got a great set of actors who actually know what they are doing and with the first season in hand, we can call them to be the right selection for the right role, this group includes some of the big names such as Cho Yi Hyun, Park Ji Hun, park Solomon, Im Jae Juk, ha Seung Ri, and Kim bo Yoon.

All of us are dead season 1 recap

In the first season of the show, we have already seen how the virus has broken out all over the city from a single accident in a school, and now we have got some survivors, there is also another group, who have been infected by the deadly virus but have controlled themselves from completely transforming into zombies and here we are now waiting to know about how they control their hunger for human flesh even though they have proved helpful to humans all over the first season.

All of us are dead season 2 release date

After the release of the first season of the show in January 2022, there have been a lot of queries about the second season of the show, and based on some of our sources and other leaked information, Netflix has already started working on the second season, though the dates for the release are not out yet, some information is sure to come by June on season 2.

All of us are dead season 2 trailer

As we know there are certain leaks that state that work has been started on season 2 for the show, but there still haven’t been any confirmations and thus we will have to wait a little longer for the trailer for the second season, while the first season trailer is currently available on YouTube,

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All of us are dead season 2 total number of episodes

Just like the previous season of the show, which has a total of 12 episodes, the second season is also predicted to have a total of 10-12 episodes and according to the rumors, this isn’t going to be the last season for the show.

All of us are dead fan reaction

As we have already told, this show in its genre can be considered a must-watch based on the outstanding reaction from the fans and mostly positive comments from the critics, the show has also received a massive 7.4 IMDb rating which is quite impressive.

What to expect in all of us are dead season 2?

Season 2 of the show will mainly comprise of how the hybrid human zombies will control the urge to devour human flesh while being around d humans and helping them to overcome the apocalypse and season 2 may also end up seeing a remedy to end the virus attack, and for all those seasons 1 fans, some more deaths are on its way

Where can we watch all of us are dead season 2?

The first and the second season both will be available on the Netflix streaming platform for the viewers to binge and enjoy.

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Final words

Overall, this show can be considered as worth a watch for all out there and season 2 of all us are dead is going to be a super hit

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