IllnessActor Alan Alda Reveals He Has Been Battling Parkinson's Disease Since 2015

Actor Alan Alda Reveals He Has Been Battling Parkinson’s Disease Since 2015

The former M.A.S.H. star revealed he received the neurodegenerative condition diagnosis three and a half years ago during an appearance on CBS This Morning on Tuesday.

The 82-year-old actor claimed that he isn’t upset and sees it as a challenge. I was diagnosed three and a half years ago, and since then I’ve lived a full life, so that’s why I want to discuss it in public, he added.

I started this new podcast, I’ve spoken at conferences, I’ve acted, and I work at Stony Brook University’s Alda Center for Communicating Science.

Alda stated in the tweet, “I take boxing lessons three days a week, play singles tennis twice a week, and take a light medication — everything Dr. advised. I even juggle a bit. I’m also not developing dementia. I’m not any more insane than I was. I should possibly rephrase that. I really am OK.

What Is Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s disease, a brain disorder that was first identified in 1817 and affects more than one million people in North America alone, is a syndrome that weakens nerves over time and impairs mobility.

The disorder is less common in those under the age of 40 and more prevalent beyond the age of 50.

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What Causes It?

Researchers are still unsure. About 10 to 15 percent of Parkinson’s patients also have a parent or sibling who is afflicted. The majority of medical professionals believe that a complicated interplay between genetic and environmental factors most likely led to this disease.

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Even though the cause of Parkinson’s is unknown, years of research and working with patients have given medical professionals the knowledge they need to diagnose the condition more precisely and to begin therapies early in order to halt its progression and enhance the quality of life.

Although there is currently no cure, there are clinical trials being conducted to develop drugs and therapies that are even more potent and efficient.

What Are the Symptoms of Parkinson’s?

alan alda illness

Alda Claimed to Have a Tremor in One Hand. However, as The Condition Advances, Symptoms May Become More Severe and May Interfere with A Person’s Daily Activities or Employment.

Things to Watch out For Include Trembling Hands when Sitting Still, Weakness or A Loss of Motor Coordination, Dragging or Shuffling Legs when Walking, or An Increase in Home Falls.

Additionally, a Person May Become Less Able to Think Properly, Struggle with Memory, or Have Sleep Issues. Early in The Course of The Disease, Loss of Smell Is Another Common Symptom.

Are There Treatments?

While Some Current Drugs Work to Address the Condition’s Symptoms, Others Safeguard Nerves. in Order to Achieve Even Greater Efficacy, Doctors May Sometimes Combine Different Drugs.

How Do Doctors Identify Parkinson’s Disease?

Your Doctor Won’t Be Able to Identify Parkinson’s Disease with Only One Test. Although a Cat Scan or MRI of The Brain Cannot Be Used to Diagnose the Illness, They Can Be Used to Rule out Alternative Possibilities.

Instead, a Comprehensive Physical Examination Looking for Specific Parkinson’s Symptoms and The Symptoms the Patient Is Experiencing Are Used to Identify the Disorder.

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Being Accompanied by Family Members Is Frequently Very Beneficial Because They Have Seen What Is Happening and Can Assist with The Doctor’s Queries. This Might Result in A More Precise Diagnosis.

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What Happens to Parkinson’s Patients?

The Risk of Additional Falls, Choking, or Lung Infections May Grow Even Though Parkinson’s Disease Is Not a Lethal Condition. Patients Should Be Aware of Their Symptoms and Contact Their Doctor as Soon as Possible.

In A Tweet, Alda Stated: “I Chose to Make People Aware of My Parkinson’s Disease in Order to Inspire Others to Take Action.” Despite Having a Diagnosis Three And A Half Years Ago, I Lead a Busy Life. I Do My Podcast, Which I Love Doing, and I Perform and Give Presentations. Keep Going if You Receive a Diagnosis!

Additionally, There Are Support Groups, Exercises, Speech Therapy, and Physical Therapy that Have Been Specially Designed to Help People with Parkinson’s Disease Live More Comfortably and Less Fearfully.




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