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Nick Carter of The Backstreet Boys on The Death of His Brother: “My Heart Has Been Broken”

A day after Aaron Carter, the younger Carter was discovered dead in his California home, Nick Carter is mourning his older brother.

Nick, a Backstreet Boys member, wrote in an Instagram post on Sunday, “My heart has been broken today.” “My love for my brother has never ever dimmed,” the brother once said of their difficult relationship.

Aaron was discovered deceased in his Lancaster, California, home on Saturday, a representative for Aaron revealed to The Hollywood Reporter.

A representative for the Los Angeles Police Department previously confirmed to THR that a suspicious death occurred at Carter’s address but was unable to identify the deceased. No explanation for the death was revealed at the time.

Nick writes about the effect Aaron’s drug abuse and mental health issues had on him, as well as the Backstreet Boy’s sentiments of sorrow and guilt following his brother’s passing.

In the caption of a collection of pictures showing the pair when they were younger, he wrote, “I have always clung onto the dream, that he would somehow, sometime desire to travel a healthy road and finally find the help that he so sorely needed.

We occasionally wish to place the blame for a loss on someone or something. In actuality, though, the real bad guy here is addiction and mental disease. “I will miss my brother more than anyone will ever know,” Carter said in his final statement.

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You now get the chance to experience the kind of calm that is impossible to obtain on earth, he continued. My tiny brother needs your protection, God.

The loss of Aaron has prompted some to wonder whether The Backstreet Boys’ current U.K. tour will continue as scheduled, including their Sunday show in London and subsequent dates.

The O2, the venue where the band is scheduled to perform, tweeted that the show would still go on even though the band hasn’t made any official statements about Sunday’s performance to their social media accounts.

This is because after Nick posted his tribute on Instagram, the O2 confirmed that the performance would still happen.


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