3 Best Free Movie Apps for Android

Everyone loves watching movies as they help us relieve ourselves from the hectic daily routine. They bring entertainment to our lives. Sometimes we watch for educational purposes as well, like movies that students watch to write a paper-like Wuthering Heights, Gulliver Travels, and The Scarlet Letter. There were times when families would gather to watch a movie and this became a family tradition, to gather in the lounge and spread cushions on the floor and cozy up under the blanket on a Saturday night. This is how a family would enjoy the weekend.

While there are families that still follow this tradition, there are others that miss family night because of how busy life has gotten. Plus, everyone in the family now wants to watch the movie of their choice and this is when everyone moves to their own bedroom to watch the movie of their choice on their cellphone. Either they download movies or they install an app and stream them on their phones, which is a lot easier and less time-consuming. Another reason people will watch movies on their phones is when they have to travel. Instead of just reading, they watch their shows on their devices.

When downloading movies, people mostly choose low-quality content. They do so, in order to save time and data, compromising on the quality and the movie experience. The films, movies and shows, available on the internet are often of great quality. You may watch the content using the apps (mentioned below) without having to download it. You’ll discover outstanding video quality with high resolutions and clear sound, similar to what is offered by a top-notch cable provider like Spectrum. These apps also allow you to watch recently released films. You can even enable the subtitle option to watch movies in different languages.

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Before apps were invented, people would download movies and then transfer them to their phones. Before transferring these movies to their phones, they were compressed so that the phone memory could adjust. However, as technology progressed, apps that enabled streaming were developed. Here’s a list of the three best apps for movie lovers with Android devices.


Not many people are aware of this app as of yet, but it is one of the best apps to watch movies on. It is not owned by any provider and it doesn’t cost anything. Being an Android user, Mobdro would be the best app for you. This movie app has good credentials as it was made by HD Cinema apps and Sky HD. It includes most of the movies that you would want to watch.

Bobby Movie Box 

Bobby Movie Box is another excellent Android app. One of the things you’ll enjoy most with this app experience is no advertisements. Also, the collection of movies on this app is regularly updated. You can watch the latest movies in excellent quality.


YouTube is still one of the best apps for streaming movies on your phone. Android users don’t even have to pay for this app because it is pre-installed on your phone. All you need is an internet connection that lets you stream movies without any buffering disruptions. There are a lot of great internet service providers for streaming, the speeds are fast and you get unlimited data, which is important for streaming TV shows and movies.  You just need to put in some effort to find the best suitable provider for you. Or, to make it easy for you, we’d recommend visiting LocalCableDeals where you will find all the providers serviceable within your area. You just need to compare them to find the best among them.

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Final Words

By watching movies online, you may save a lot of money on admission. Couples and families can reconnect by watching movies at home. It also promotes familial ties, especially at night and during the day. It aids in the preservation of a family’s cohesiveness.

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