12 Very Practical Tips to Speed up Your Laptop!

I believe we have all experienced the frustration of a stubborn and sluggish laptop. There is no other way to handle this but to maintain it the same way you would your phone, car or any other device for that matter.

To help you take care of your laptop and make it work quicker and more smoothly, we have a few tips for you.

1. Remove “bloatware”

In essence, preloaded software that comes with the computer is referred to as bloatware. You are aware that new computers we purchase often come pre-installed with a plethora of useless applications? Those. Therefore, it’s advisable to remove such software to make room for other, more valuable items. Find out here how to get rid of bloatware.

10 Super Useful Hacks To Make Your Laptop Run Faster

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2. Get Rid of Malware

I suppose it goes without saying, but a lot of viruses can also contain spyware. Furthermore, both of these take up additional space that is undetectable because spyware is concealed. So make sure you install a reliable antivirus (such as McAfee, Bitdefender, or Norton) and run frequent scans.

10 Super Useful Hacks To Make Your Laptop Run Faster

3. Turn Off Automatic Updating

Not every update you get results in this. However, a lot of software is made to automatically update without even requesting your consent. This might result in updates to random software that you almost ever use being made to heavier and more space-consuming versions. Find out here how to turn off automatic updates.

4. Eliminate Your Internet History.

10 Super Useful Hacks To Make Your Laptop Run Faster

Yes, free up space on your browsers. This isn’t exactly a revolutionary tip. However, in case you are unsure how here is how to clear your internet history.

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5. Modify the Mouse’s Settings.

Naturally, you can also speed up your mouse cursor if that makes you more comfortable. Providing it improves your speed.

6. Increase Your Power Settings for The Best Results.

This will put your system into a state where it will use more energy, but it will also make it operate more quickly. You must access your computer’s power options to do this.

7. Remove Unnecessary USB Devices from Your Pc.

Staying linked to USB devices slows down the entire process of turning on a computer and login in.

8. Make Several Directories

Try to create many folders and evenly distribute the files within them rather than placing too many files in one.

9. Disable Cortana on Windows if You Don’t Use It.

Once more, disable, delete, or remove it if it is no longer useful to you.

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10. Clear the Disc Space on The Hard Drive

You can go ahead and delete any items that are no longer useful to you because temporary files occupy the majority of the space. This is how you do it.

11. Clear Cache


10 Super Useful Hacks To Make Your Laptop Run Faster

By removing unused garbage, clearing the cache has the added benefit of speeding up the computer. Here are the instructions for doing this.

12. Utilize Task Manager.

Use it to discover any resource-intensive applications that might be operating in the background on your computer. Because they are probably consuming far too much power from your laptop. Here’s how to go about it.

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