10 Organization Tips for The Laundry Room You Can Implement at Home

Even though the laundry room may go mostly unnoticed, considering how much time you really spend there, it makes logical that you might wish to improve your organization.

Laundry is undoubtedly a hassle. And it goes on and on forever. However, a well-kept laundry room that is attractive to look at and convenient to work in can go a long way toward making the chore enjoyable. If not, finding what you need can be challenging, and before you know it, you’ll be finding products like laundry detergent and dryer sheets everywhere.

The following are some of the greatest ways to make this modest, frequently ignored space its best self:

1. Add a Counter to The Space Over the Washer and Dryer.

laundry room hacks

It’s recommended to refrain from piling a variety of items straight on top of your washer and dryer. It’s just not the best storage solution because of the cluttered appearance and feel, as well as the potential for item scattering during a very ferocious spin cycle. If your washer and dryer are next to each other, think about putting a slab of wood on top of them to make a temporary countertop.

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2. Sort Clutter with A Tray.

laundry room hacks

Use a wooden tray to keep smaller items together if you must store items on top of your washer and dryer. This is a terrific method to keep track of all the miscellaneous items, such as coins, banknotes, shoelaces, and buttons, that emerge from the dryer.

3. Place Baskets Behind a Folding Table.

laundry room hacks

If your laundry room is fortunate enough to have a countertop of some kind, tuck large baskets below to use as a stylish method to store dirty clothes.

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4. Make Use of Appealing Packaging.

laundry room hacks

The best method to keep laundry essentials like detergent, dryer sheets, and fabric softener is in glass containers, no matter how big or tiny. Large containers are used here by @the laundry essentials 22 to hold scent-enhancing laundry beads. If you don’t have a closet to store debris, this laundry room organization tip may be extremely useful.

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5. Use Robe Hooks to Hang an Ironing Board.

laundry room hacks

Even though an ironing board is large, sometimes you just need one. You need to store it in the meanwhile. A quick, easy technique to keep your ironing board out of the way but still accessible is to install robe hooks. You should hang two so that you can safely hang your ironing board foot from them.

6. Hang Misplaced Socks Using Magnetic Clips.

laundry room hacks

Orphan socks can quickly pile up in a laundry room and give any washer the impression that they are losing more than just their socks. By keeping socks with missing matches visible, you can make sure that they are swiftly and correctly paired and put back into rotation when the lost match turns up. Use magnetic clips to hang socks on a board in the laundry room, or just affix the clips directly to the appliances.

7. Watch the Space.

laundry room hacks

That is, between machines. Use the empty space between or to the side of your appliances to hanging sticky or magnetic hooks, shelves, or baskets, and use them to store scrub brushes, bags, rags, and other items. If you have the room, a narrow rolling cart maximizes your gaps by letting you put cleaning and washing items so you can easily see and access them.

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8. Create a Laundry Care Symbol Chart.

laundry room hacks

You should probably hang something attractive on the wall if you want to make your laundry room a place you love being in. This helpful and charming laundry care instruction is lovely.

9. Suspend Your Lint Trap.

laundry room hacks

There may not always be enough room on the floor in laundry rooms for a conventional garbage can to fit comfortably. However, a container for lint and other items you could find in your pockets is a must. A laundry room organization solution that solves the issue and takes up no space on the floor is a wall-mounted mailbox.

10. Brackets for Shelves Work Well as Hanger Holders.

laundry room hacks

Although keeping empty hangers in the closet might make sense, you really need to have access to them as soon as you remove clothing from the dryer. Hangers can be kept close by placing them on straightforward, affordable shelf brackets without the shelf.

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